Tropicália ou Panis Et Circensis
Cover Artist
Rubens Gerchmannn (designer), Olivier Perroy (photography)

Tropicália ou Panis et Circencis (Latin for Bread and Circuses) is a 1968 collaboration album by artists including Gilberto Gil,Caetano VelosoTom ZéOs Mutantes and Gal Costa. Considered animportant record in the history of Brazilian music, it features arrangements by Rogerio Duprat and lyrical contributions from Torquato Neto 

The main contributors can be seen on the album cover, which is intended to be a tribute to influential Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Seated on the floor, Gilberto Gil holds the graduation photo of Capinan. To the left, drinking from a chamber pot, is Rogério Duprat. To the right, Gal Costa, wearing a yellow dress, is beside Torquato Neto, with a cap. Caetano Veloso is to the left of them, holding a picture of Nara Leão. Behind them are Tom Zé, on the right, and Os Mutantes, on the left (more precisely, from left to right, Arnaldo BaptistaRita Lee and Sérgio Dias).

The cover was made by Rubens Gerchmann over an Olivier Perroy's photo. The classical Perroy's photo shoot in your house shows a Brazilian conception about the middle class portrait, but with many people reunited and with a wax doll way, the cover photo looks like more an imitation of Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's. And, 37 years later, the Brazilian magazine BIZZ have nominated in the list of "100 Best Album Covers of All Times", in the 45th position "Maybe the most shocking reaction when looks to Tropicália cover is 'Wow, these people was young someday ago...' nowadays". The back album show the photo in black and white and a text simulating a movi screenplay written by Caetano, but withouts credits for Gerchmann and Perroy in the artwork.

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